Saturday, December 3, 2011

Battle of the Bulbs

Since the day we moved into this house, hubbs has been driving me crazy to deck the halls in a Griswold Family fashion! Up until today I thought I had a pretty good grip on things and was able to keep him under control but then on our drive back from Moncton today he was going on and on and insisted we go to Canadian Tire immediately to check things out. It was in his opinion that we buy something every year and add to our outdoor Christmas spectacle display. We literally fought over discussed this topic for the whole drive. He wanted it all, inflatable santas (which I absolutely DISPISE), a snowman on the roof (yeah okay because who wouldn't build a snowman on the roof?!), lights in true Griswold manner all over the roof, etc. He maintained that since I get to decorate inside the house without a single word from him that he should get to do the outside the way he wants to - and well he had me there! He is so good to let me decorate the house for every holiday in any way I want. I make all the decorating decisions and not just for holdiays - I picked out the paint colors, the furniture, the wall decor, etc and so I had no choice but to give him this. Afterall, marriage is all about compromise and if he wants our house lit up like something from the Trailor Park Boys Christmas then so be it! And so reluctantly we went to Canadian Tire and off he went in like a kid in the Candy store.
Here is where I jump for joy breath a sigh of 'thrifty' and financially conscientious hubby took one look at the $100 price tag on those tacky inflatable things and immediately ruled those out (phewf), then he went to get the second choice - millions of lights to put on our roof (good grief) and thanks to a young guy that got there literally 2 seconds before John, there wasn't enough of the rolls of 400 white garland lights to successfully execute his plan (WHOOT!). And so folks, for now I win but something tells me not for long....

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