Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me how rude and completely ignorant some people are. Some of you might be shocked to know the number of people who see a lady with a baby stroller, or a heavy car seat or a baby in her arms and do not hold the door open. I've had two instances that have made my jaw drop to the ground and one of those said instances happened today. I had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few items (so few items in fact that I didn't even get a cart or a basket - I just put Forrest in his stroller and tossed the items on top). I was walking toward the check out line when this woman who has a cart OVERFLOWING with items sees me and rushes to butt in front of me! I was stunned! Who does that?! Who does that to anyone not even just the fact that I had a baby who was squaking and not overly impressed that he had to be there in the first place - perhaps you remember this post. So I stood there as this rude lady piled her groceries on the conveyer belt and silently stewed - I didn't say a word as I practically bit threw my tongue to keep from doing so. Forrest cranked and fussed and I did my best to appease him but secretly I hoped he was annoying the hell out of this woman! Then I thought to myself "hey Ainslie, maybe this lady is in a rush...maybe she has to be somewhere. But then she lingers around joking with the cashier and then asks the cashier to page someone to bring her an extra cart since she has so many groceries she doesn't think the bags will fit into the one cart - and so we waited not so patiently for the second cart to arrive with my child getting crankier by the minute. Man, some people are just plain RUDE!!!!

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