Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My "work" Christmas party ;)

During the month of December my husband has had at least 3 holiday type functions for work (and at his work it's just all the guys and no spouses). He has had a big breakfast event, a holiday dinner for the management at Emera/NS Power, and tonight he organized a retirement dinner for one the man he took over the role of supervisor from. So I have been teasing him that I should get a holiday party or something to show I was appreciated all year by my 'boss' too. I said I would talk to my super sweet boss Forrest and what do you know, today my two sweet boys took me to Thandi for lunch!
After lunch, John went back to work and Forrest and I went to the hospital to make a special delivery. I wanted to drop off a Christmas tin of cookies and a card to the lactation consultants/nurses at the mother baby clinic. I have been in touch with them lots of the last year and they are so helpful, supportive and informative and I just wanted to say a little thank you. They were thrilled and were also very happy to see Forrest again!! He smiled, flirted and showed off his walking skills!
Then we came home to relax for the rest of the evening! I am seriously LOVING this time of year....I am very much in the Christmas spirit!!
However, this Christmas touches on a little sadness too as its the first Christmas without my Nannie! My Nannie LOVED Christmas and I don't have a single Christmas memory from my childhood that does not involve her!!! Traditions were important to her and I think that is why I am the way I am about traditions. During Christmas break from school we'd go out to spend the break with her while our parents worked. We'd bake 'plum loaf' (which is a Christmas bread -doesn't have plums in it so I don't know where it got its name), meat pies and ham and egg pies and make lemon cheese. My Aunt Nancy would arrive from Halifax and then on Christmas eve we'd pack up and head out to our house in Point Edward but not before stopping at my Auntie Dolly's house for lunch and visiting a few other family friends along the way. Christmas eve we always had the meat pies and ham and egg pies for supper and then fo to Christmas eve church service. We'd come home, hang our stocking and my dad would read "The Night Before Christmas" from the story book that was my mother and aunt's! I LOVED our Christmases and I really hope we can make Christmas just as special for Forrest as it was for us. I plan on trying to make my Nannie's Plum loaf for the first time ever and I pray it turns out okay!!! We will miss my Nannie this year but mom and Lauren and I will have Forrest to focus on and bring happiness and new traditions!!

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