Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm definitely on Santa's "NICE" list this year

Last year we got the very best Christmas gift ever! Our beautiful baby boy was born and our lives and hearts were filled with more love than I ever could have imagined! Christmas was a little different as I spent Christmas Eve in the most pain I have ever experienced, family visted while I sported an ever so classy johnny shirt as opposed to my usual festive attire, Christmas dinner was a combination of leftovers my mother brought us in and the barfalicious processed turkey dinner the hospital served me but come Christmas night we were curled up in our hospital room as a family of three and blissfully happy! So yes, nothing will EVER compare to last year's very special Christmas!
This Christmas I have felt a little odd - really only when it comes to presents and gift giving! I went out and bought everyone's gifts and wrapped them only to unwrap them and take them back and buy different things. I know crazy...hubbs said I was nuts too it's okay - I tend to agree! But I just couldn't pin point why I was feeling so weird about the gifts I had bought and then it occurred to me that last year we also gave the best gift to our families when Forrest was born and nothing will ever come close to that gift - everything else is completely lack luster! Not that they would expect anything extravagant, over the top or even a baby born every Christmas! It was just this bizarre feeling I had! I'm totally over it now (well also because husband blatantly told me this was it - once the second set of gifts was wrapped our decision was made-haha).
Also, I joked that the only thing I wanted Santa to bring me for Christmas was a good night's sleep - just one even! It's no secret that although my 'perfect' child is an excellent baby in many many ways sleep was not his fortay! At one point we were up every 45 minutes with him and then things got better and when things were really good we were up only two or three times a night. Last week something miraculous happened - we woke up to John's alarm and a baby still asleep. Both of us seemed confused and asked one another if we were up at any point through the night with him -
"were you up?"
"No were you?"
"No, could it be....."
"Shhhh don't say it outloud"

And pretty much ever since then it's been a done deal! Wonderful full night's sleep! I don't know why or what happened but I am certainly not complaining!! I always worry that as soon as I say it or type it something will happen to jinx me and our lovely nights will be a thing of the past so as I type this I am crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes, etc lol!
Anyway...here's to a happy and restful holiday =)

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