Monday, December 19, 2011

My goodness I love this time of year

Today Forrest and I went for lunch with Crystal and her 3 year old son Brady! The boys were REALLY cute together as Brady was really taken with Forrest and as always Forrest loves little people! We went to Cora's for lunch and since the restaurant wasn't very busy they had fun playing and walking around (and ate a little too-haha). I ran a bunch of errands and was major productive after that (until Mr Man fell asleep in the car and then my productivity had to stop as I awaited him to wake up). Before his nap though we went through the Tim Horton's drive thru and picked up coffee to bring to daddy at work! I saw on my sister in law, Sarah's facebook she experienced an act of kindness the other day and so I liked that idea and wanted to do the same - so I did!! When it was my turn to pay for our coffees in the drive thru I also asked to pay for the older man whose car was behind mine!! It's just a small and simple act of kindness but tis the season and it felt nice to do something for someone else! 

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