Monday, December 19, 2011

Damn you holiday goodies

This is the time of year to over indulge in yummy treats. Since having Forrest I have lost all of the baby weight and then some. I'm actually 8 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight (however my body has completely changed proportions - a fact made all the more clear to me when I went bra shopping on the weekend). I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to fit into since the year I got married and I had to shop for all new clothes (YAY ME - sorry not bragging but kinda am-haha). I still have a little more weight I'd like to get off and then I'd like to maintain until I get pregnant with baby #2. To get this weight off I really didn't do too much...I ate well, breastfed and didn't really do any crazy exersize other than walk and of course run after Forrest and lift him and carry him lots.
I really hope the holidays don't get me off course. I will certainly treat myself to the yummy foods and have a cup of festive cheer or two or three but hopefully I can stay on course!!

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