Sunday, December 18, 2011

yikes - bad blogger I am

I've slacked twice now in this blogging every day business...but to make up for it I make sure to post twice!! What another fantastic weekend! Seriously, this being our own little family stuff sure is amazing!! Every day so amazing and the love in my heart continues to grow!!! How did I get so lucky? How did I get 2 of the world's greatest guys?! I am one darn lucky woman - that's how!!!

This weekend we did lots of festive stuff! Friday night we watched Christmas movies! Saturday, John and Forrest had to do some shopping so we braved the malls, Chapters/Indigo and Costco! John and Forrest shopped about while I went off on my own enjoying the fact that I was done my shopping!!
Saturday night we put Forrest to bed, made hot chocolate and popcorn, watched a movie and wrapped presents - heavenly! Of course today was a super fun day because I cooked and baked up a storm! I made sooooo many yummy things!! Then Forrest and I got ready and went to our Christmas playdate at Jackie and Conall's house! Jackie and her cute little boy Conall invited us and Tawnya and Ava over for a holiday play date!! The kiddies were soooooo freaking adorable together it was insane! They were all dressed in Christmas clothes and at that age where they were interacting with one another. Soooo crazy different from our first play date in March!! They chased each other, took toys from one another and exchanged germs sippy cups and then they exchanged gifts! It was soooooo sweet!! Us moms drank yummy gingerbread coffee and ate fantastical christmas cookies!! It was such a great time!! I'm so lucky I met some great ladies here in NB.
Now I am sitting here watching Christmas Vacation with hubbs and loving the holidays! Tomorrow I have a lunch date with Crystal (a girl I used to work with) and some errands to run! We may even meet Daddy for coffee!

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