Friday, December 16, 2011

Vacation: Day 1

Well that sounds just plain weird! I'm on vacation! It feels like any other day except for that looming depressing fact that I am officially back to work and chewing up my vacation time - lol! It's so worth it though. I get 7 weeks this year so I think I have the time to spare! I have decided that I am using this vacation for me and my family! I will take random time off (for example when I am getting sooky for some time with my favorite little man) and enjoy time with my little family. I find that in the past I've spent a lot of my time off travelling to visit other people or going away for other people and now with going back to work and having my own family and very important little person, I will cherish my time off and use it all for us! Sorry if that sounds greedy or selfish but we have one tiny, but very important person to focus on now and I have a feeling time is of the essence! Afterall, the past year flew by in the blink of an eye and I can't stand to think of how fast he will grow up on me =(

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