Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Walker - The Sequel

Well folks - now that the cat is out of the bag and we can share our news with everyone and anyone it feels good! Those 13 weeks at first were long but then they started flying by. Just like when I was pregnant with Forrest, we waited out the first trimester before we told ANYONE (I'm serious - not my mom, my sister, my mother in law or my best friend knew anything about this pregnancy although if you ask them they'll all say they were suspicious/wondering/hoping/etc).

The first trimester was...ummm...errr...interesting! Let's see, I'll start at how we found out:

I found out just before New Year's Eve. I had some suspicions but thought I must be crazy since we had only really been trying for 2 months (and I'm sure it is pretty common knowledge to everyone now that it wasn't nearly that quick with Forrest). I had a home pregnancy test so I took one...negative! Bummed but not surprised I left the bathroom and rushed out to do something for Forrest. A few minutes later I go back in the bathroom to throw the test in the garbage when I look again and there is an ever so faint line. I call to John who says "yeah, I see something but it is really faint, remember with Forrest the line was really dark and right away, it didn't take any time". I agreed with him but I knew that a line was a line so I wasn't entirely convinced at that point that I wasn't pregnant. The next day we went out and John picked up some Clear Blue Easy digital tests. As soon as we got home I took one and there it was clear as day "Pregnant". We were a little surprised it happened so fast and beyond excited! 2 under 2 - exactly what we were hoping for!! Forrest should be 20 months by the time baby #2 is here. That New Year's eve we celebrated many things - the end of an amazing 2011, the beginning of what was sure to be a fantastic 2012 and our pregnancy! We had lobster, salmon and bacon wrapped scallops, toasted with non-alcoholic champagne and had a little dance party - it was absolutely the best New Year's Eve ever!!!

I was really hoping that when I returned to work I would already be pregnant and I got what I was wishing for! We keep telling Forrest he is going to be a big brother, although we're certain he has no idea what we are talking about! He is so good to share so I know he will be such a sweet big brother to this new little bundle. I keep thinking "How did we get so lucky?!".

So the past 14 weeks have been - ROUGH! This pregnancy has been very different! With Forrest I remember worrying when I didn't experience many pregnancy symptoms. Sure I got occasional morning sickness and tossed my cookies many times but it was nothing I couldn't handle! I never felt extremely tired and I didn't get any of those other 'lovely' symptoms until much later. Now I am tired all the time. Seriously, I've even gone to bed before Forrest (and he has a 7-7:30 bed time). I have ZERO energy and my housework has suffered immensely (although being tired I am going to attribute to having a toddler to run around after and to just being back to work). I am also very sick all the time. I have had "morning" sickness morning, noon and night! I've tried it all - eating crackers first thing in the morning (only thing that happens with that is the crackers come up the same way they went down - sorry TMI), getting extra sleep, drinking lots of water, drinking some juice, eating little bits throughout the day rather than large meals (although this helps now sometimes). It doesn't seem to matter! I feel like garbage The doctor put me on Diclectin to which I very reluctantly agreed to (I didn't want to but he said it will do more harm not taking it being as sick as I was). And I honestly have found little difference in how it makes me feel - it does help a little with the actual vomiting but not so much with the nausea! It's okay though, I am officially in the 2nd tri (I am 14 weeks today) so it's gotta get better soon! It's been tougher than last time but I can handle it, after all its for a very worth while cause! I'm not really craving anything (Probably because all food sounds awful most times) but the times when I feel good I crave fresh fruits and juice! I used to love love love spinach salad and now the thought of a spinach salad turns my stomach!!

I do feel I am showing faster this time around, which I know is quite common since the stomach muscles are much more loose -haha! I have turned to my bella band and have also been using the old hair elastic through the button hole tricks. I did not gain any weight which is again, no surprise there!

Other than that-things are great!! We couldn't be happier!

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