Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Enough Already - Bring back my happy & healthy baby boy =(

Well I totally spoke too soon! We had a great weekend and Forrest really seemed to be coming around to his old self. Then Monday morning came and he was up at 6am. John got up with him and took him out to the living room and Forrest fell asleep on his chest on the couch. At 6:30 our phone rings and its Joan (the sitter) who tells us both she and her husband were up all night throwing up and have the stomach flu and won't be able to take the kids that day. So John comes in to wake me and we decide he will stay home and have a daddy and Forrest day - thinking it will be fun for them. So John puts the calls in to let his crew know he won't be in and I go on about my morning getting ready. Then at around 7:30 I pick Forrest up because there is a school bus stop across the street and Forrest just loves looking out the window watching the kids. As soon as he is in my arms and I start to turn towards the window he throws up all over me and the floor - I'm talking power puke! So off we go to clean us both up while Daddy to the rescue to clean up the floor. My poor baby is still not himself. I took today off and stayed home with him and he was so out of sorts today. All he did was cry. He didn't want to eat, drink, be picked up, be put down, nothing. So I called the doctor and took him in. This is his first stomach flu and I am a worried mommy, I knew that if nothing else taking him to the doctor would at least make me feel better. I knew Dr. H wouldn't be able to do anything. Just said to keep doing what we're doing by trying to give him as much fluids, pedialyte, foods as possible. He said that a stomach flu can last about a week in a baby so since this is day 6 he should be feeling better soon. If not we are to bring him back in by the end of the week. I almost hate to say this out loud or type the words since I was eating my words just yesterday but he does seem to be coming around a bit this afternoon. Fingers crossed that the old Forrest is back soon enough. I miss his smiles, giggles and kisses (although I did get some of these this afternoon).
On another note - a sick baby does guaruntee lots and lots of snuggles!!!

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