Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Fun

Forrest is back to his old self and it was just in time for the weekend! We had such a fun family weekend - I just love weekends like this. Originally we had planned to make an overnight trip to Bangor Maine but when Forrest got sick we decided to stay home and go next weekend instead. It wouldn't be much fun travelling with a sick little boy for mom, dad or Forrest. So Bangor is in the cards for next weekend now! It turned out to be beautiful weather all weekend which is awesome since our little man absolutely loves the outdoors. Friday night we BBQ'ed supper and then started clearing out the upstairs spare room which will soon be turned into another nursery!! This is a big task because we mainly use the guest room downstairs for guests and so the upstairs spare room has been the catch all for the past 2 years. We are still working on it and re-organizing/getting rid of things as we go. We're turning it into a spring cleaning event =)
Saturday we played out side, went to Cost-Co, browsed new cars (since we're growing we now realize we will need a bigger car-we're not buying until this summer but we are looking at options now), and came home to play out side some more. After we put Forrest to bed, John and I had a date night. We made home made sushi, and watched a movie! Sunday came along and we took Forrest to the park so we could play at the playground. He had so much fun and there were a couple of older kids there he was completely taken with. After the park, we had a quick family trip to get ice cream and then came home to play outside some more. That boy just cannot get enough of the outdoors!
Now we are just getting ready for the work week (*GROAN*) and getting some more relaxing in. I seriously love that Spring is well on the way and the weather has been gorgeous and the days are long. It's so great to spend beautiful weekends with the people I love most in this world!!

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