Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stripped 2 beds and 2 people all before 7am - yep it's that kind of morning!

My poor sweet baby boy is sick =( He was really unsettled all night and then this morning around 6 he woke up crying and while he can usually settle himself down and drift right back to sleep quickly, this time he didn't. John went into his room to get him and bring him into bed with us for a few minutes before having to get up for the day when he said "Ainslie, something happened. It's dark and i can't see but it's either blood or throw up". At this point I thought I was going to pass out I was so worried. not what you want to hear. Hoping it was throw up and not blood, I tore into his room and sure enough he was in the process of still throwing up just as I walked in. My poor baby was sick!! We cleaned him up and I scooped him into my arms and brought him into our bed for some snuggles while John cleaned up his room and stripped his bed down and cleaned floors. He fell back asleep in my arms for almost 20 minutes and then woke up crying again and within 2 seconds was throwing up again in our bed. Again we cleaned him up, stripped sheets/duvets/clothes (including mine which were literally covered in puke). It was such a sin. He seems to be in pretty good spirits although seems very sleepy (hence why I am blogging - he is back in bed after falling asleep in my arms and then John's arm by 8:00am! He didn't want any toast but did gulp back some water. Needless to say he is not going to daycare today and I am staying home with him and sooking him all day. My poor baby!! He hasn't been sick since so hopefully it is just a small bug that will pass quickly. He doesn't seem to have a fever or anything else. This is his first flu that included vommitting!

In other news, I had another pre-natal appointment last night. Baby is doing great! My blood pressure, weight, urine, etc were all just fine. The baby's heart beat was around 150 beats per minute which is great and when we were listening to the baby's heartbeat there was a funny "doing" noise which the doctor said was the baby kicking - hehe! Everytime the doctor found the heartbeat with the doppler we'd hear it for a few seconds and then the baby would move and we'd lose it. We finally found it long enough for him to get a count. S/He is active already ;)
I still have no real strong feeling on what this baby is yet. I know I will eventually but right now I am still undecided.

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