Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I do believe, my friends, that my morning sickness may just be a thing of the past! I almost hate to say or type the words out loud for fear of jinxing myself but I am just so happy I want to sing! From week 7 to about week 15 I was sick morning, noon and night. If I wasn't throwing up (which I most often was), I was nauseaus and awful feeling! It was a double edged sword - if I was really hungry, I felt nauseaus. If I was too full, I felt nauseaus! If I was just right, I often felt nauseaus! Foods I once loved now sounded and felt awful in my belly. My doctor and I had a few conversations about it and he suggested I go on diclectin. I decided to wait a bit hoping it would pass so I left his office saying I would call his office if things got worse. Within a week things were worse and I was on diclectin. To be honest, diclectin really didn't help much! I did take it though because the days I didn't take it made me feel much much worse! But when I picked it up from the drug store and the pharmacist said "you're going to looovve this" I was so happy to hear that and then mega disappointed when I really didn't looove it! Anyway- last week I had one really really bad day! I was sick at work all day and as much as I tried to hide it I looked like crap and it was obvious I felt it too. The very next day I woke up and felt fine! I felt like I was holding my breath all day waiting for the nauseau to start but it didn't. Instead that day I felt insanely hungry all day long....I just couldn't get enough to eat. The next day came and I felt fine again, and the next day and the next day. Today I am on day 5 or 6 and still feeling good (although I had a little bit of nauseau a few times today but nothing like before. I am totally hoping this is it and I can go on to enjoy my pregnancy the way I did the first time.
With Forrest I did experience a little morning sickness but nothing like this. Not even close! I enjoyed every single moment of my pregnancy and I know this sounds cheesey and cliche but I really did feel like I glowed (not saying I looked like I glowed-I'm saying I felt like I glowed). I felt so great most of the time and especially once I hit the second trimester I has never felt so good. I am really hoping this is the case now that the yuckies are behind me!
AND...in WAAAYYY more exciting news: I do believe I have felt movement! I feel occasional flutters and it is simply the best! I missed that part of pregnancy the most! There is honestly nothing more amazing that feeling your child inside!!! Men really don't have a clue all the "awesomeness" they are missing out on! Yes - even labour and delivery! I mean I don't think I was ever more proud after that adventure! The body is truly incredible!


Nancy B. said...

So glad your starting to feel better...I'm thinking this has got to be a girl putting you through all this...just preparing you lol!! Take care, you are always in our hearts and minds. Aunt Nancy B.

Mrs.W said...

awwww! So nice to see your comment - totally put a smile on my face!! Thank you!! As for your theory, John has the same one - although I think his words were "Must be a girl if she's this much trouble already" lol!! I honestly have no strong feeling one way or the other yet. With my last pregnancy I felt strongly from the beginning it was a boy. I just am not sure yet! Some days I think boy and other days I think girl! Of course, either way I'll be THRILLED! =)