Monday, April 16, 2012

A Look at Baby W2: My Ultrasound

Thursday April 5th was my ultrasound day. I waited all week and was so excited once the day finally arrived. I took the day off work since I had Friday off as well and we were heading to Cape Breton. My appointment was for 1:15 so we dropped Forrest off at the sitters and I met John for lunch at Thandi's before hand. I started guzzling water at lunch (as per the orders when the ultrasound was booked) and we arrived at my appointment slightly before 1pm to give me enough time to register and get to my appointment. Bladder about to explode, I was still beyond excited! I get to the registration lobby and look around at the crowded lobby with slight panic setting in. I take a number and my heart dropped - I was number 843 and they were only at 818. Right then and there I went to the bathroom. No way could I stand that wait on a full bladder. But since I still had vivid memories of my ultrasound with Forrest I came prepared and brought a bottle of water with me so that should this situation occur, I could use the bathroom and then drink more water to fill up the ol bladder - smart thinking eh ;) So after my bathroom run I sat down and started drinking water. The wait really wasn't as long as I expected and I finally got in to register. They then told me to go down to the X-Ray and Ultrasound department. I get there only to find out I have to register again. Yes you read that right. I had to register at the main lobby to go register at the ultrasound department and I couldn't register there until I was registered in the main lobby so there was no way around this issue. I literally registered to register! Makes no sense to me and the only thing I can see this accomplishing is to piss off a pregnant lady - which is exactly what they did. Not to mention that the ultrasound department secretary looks at me and says "oh hun, we're pretty backed up. It's going to be at least 25 minutes". At this point all I can think is "ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!". But since these ladies hold the key to my bladder relief I stay sweet as honey and reply with a simple "oh, okay". They saw the look of sheer panic though and told me that it may actually be longer than 25 minutes and may not be a bad idea to go to the bathroom and buy a bottle of water at the gift shop. Which is exactly what I did (since I had already guzzled all of my own bottle I frantically asked John to run and grab one while I used the bathroom). My poor hubby...what a saint! Since I had to stay sweet to the women at the desk who held my life line to the bathroom, I took out my frustration on hubbs complaining how this was worse than labour/I was dying/I was 2 seconds from blowing the place up/etc (okay so I was slightly exaggerating - blame that on the hormones and the uncomfortable factor) - I'm sure you get the picture. I waited for well over an hour and used the bathroom a total of 3 times! At one point I was so uncomfortable I got pains in my tummy and my side.  I finally get in and the ultrasound tech was so sweet and nice and took lots of pictures and showed us all kinds of things. She had 2 boys and chatted about her own pregnancies and her now grown boys and asked all about Forrest!! The ultrasound tech also mentioned how baby's head was pushing on my bladder (well no kidding - you don't say. It's no surprise I thought I was going to burst). She said it was a good thing we didn't want to know the sex since the baby wasn't really making things easy for her anyway. The baby was moving all around and looked so cute-haha! I could see Forrest's little nose which I know sounds crazy because at that point it's near impossible to tell what they look like. And everything looked fine!
I thought after the ultrasound I'd have a strong feeling on whether or not baby was a boy or a girl but I am still on the fence. I still can't decide what I think this baby is at all! I'm stumped!
After the ultrasound, I dropped John off at work and went to get a manicure. I decided to treat myself after a rather rough few months of morning all day sickness and then of course it was re-affirmed how badly I deserved a treat after my horrible near exploding bladder experience that day.
It was so great to see our newest little bundle and I am so excited to be more than half way there now! Soon enough we'll be a family of 4! For the next 20 weeks my plan is to make sure Forrest enjoys as much time as possible with his mommy and daddy and being an only child because once baby # 2 arrives his whole world is going to change - for the better of course but he may or may not see it that way at first ;)

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