Friday, May 11, 2012

Back from my blogging hiatus

Guess who's back?? I have been MIA for a while and I feel like so much has gone on I couldn't possible get caught up. I still have to post Easter pictures from our "egg-cellent" Easter weekend in Cape Breton and I promise I will get to that. We've been very busy and I wish I could say we've been busy preparing for Baby Walker 2.0 but that is untrue. We still have nothing done and nothing bought and not even so much as a name picked so no we are not on the ball and yes I am still feeling guilty but I just have to accept this and move on. I believe this weekend John will be painting the nursery which is a start. I did order a cute print for the wall which my color scheme is based around.
Work has been NUTS for myself and John has been on the go a lot too. Last week he worked a few days in Halifax and this week he spent all week travelling to and from Fredericton.
John had a hockey tournament in Halifax last weekend and he also had meetings there a few days so Forrest and I took the week off and went with him. It was a great time home but very busy. There are only so many hours in the days and we always seem to spend so much of our time at home bopping around trying to visit everyone and we end up running ourselves ragged, being overwhelmed and exhausted (and never possibly getting to everyone in the short amount of time we are home) so we started staying put and having people come visit us. We did stay in a hotel 2 nights, then New Ross another 2 nights and then my Dad & Ivy's the last 2 nights so even still we felt like we were always packing up and lugging stuff around and never stopping. It's hard with a 16 month old (especially being pregnant) since you always have so much stuff and well frankly Forrest does get sick of the car after a while (it is a lot of driving for a boy who wants to be on the move). I know our trips will be far less frequent once baby #2 comes and that is again something else we'll have to deal with once we get there (as will everyone else). Maybe someday soon we'll be living in Nova Scotia again but not anytime in the immediate future.
We had a great time though. Erin brought Fisher over to the hotel for a swim and the boys had so much fun playing, My dad came to the hotel to babysit so I could get my hair cut and a facial and pedicure (I had bought a gift certificate on Groupon back in January 2011 and had finally gotten around to using it), we also took Forrest to Ross farm which was awesome. John's Bampy came to New Ross for the night to see Forrest (and us ;). James took the afternoon off work to hang out while we were home so Forrest got to hang out with his cousin Hayden while John and James went golfing and since we had not seen Hayden since early October I was shocked to see how much he had grown and changed - such a total cutie!! My Dad had a family dinner while we were home so we got to see Dan, Melanie and the kids and of course Darcy was in the hockey tournament too so we saw Sarah, Darcy and Owen lots as well. Janet and Rick, Mel, Dan and the kids also came to the game to watch John so we got to see them a couple times whch is always nice. Another lovely surprise was my Aunt Daphne coming up to Dad's to visit. We were so happy she came up from Cape Breton as it was awesome to see her too. It really is amazing how many visitors one gets with a cute baby in tow ;) hehe Saturday night my Dad and Ivy babysat while John and I went out. John went to Bubba Ray's Sports bar for drinks and food with the hockey teams and I went to Erin's to hang out with the girls and enjoy some girl talk, laughs and of course yummy snacks!!!

As for this pregnancy it has been...interesting. I may go into further details at another time but for now I'll keep that short and sweet.
Morning sickness is now gone, 7:30pm bedtimes still occur on occassion, something new that started this week is that I have pretty bad back pain which sucks but other than that I am okay! I have a new doctor/specialist who I love - she's very nice and thorough. I still have our family doctor but this is an OB-GYN and she was the doctor who saw me last pregnancy when I was induced due to low fluid levels.
Forrest is growing like a weed. It's incredible really. Every night I peak in on him before I go to bed and it amazes me how big he is. He seems to have hit a growth spurt. He's long and lean still and cuter by the day (which I didn't think was possible). He has 4 molars, 4 top teeth and 4 bottom and it appears his eye/canine teeth are going to be arriving at any point in time so that sure makes things interesting - espcially nights (a few of which happened to be during our trip home).He says:
dada/daddy = the obvious
mama = again the obvious
gog = dog
caa = car
jon = joan (his sitter)
ahh annn = we think he is saying ohhh man" because I say this often and he started doing the same intonation and it's beyond super cute

That's about it for now! I'll try my best to post on a more regular basis!

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