Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Momma's!

Sunday was my 2nd mother's day and what a great day it was!! I love any day I get to spend at home with my boys but there is something about being pampered that makes this momma especially happy ;) I got to sleep in both days this weekend (thank you very much handsome hubby) and on Sunday my boys made me breakfast in bed complete with flowers and a beautiful necklace that Forrest apparently picked out (*ahem* Daddy *ahem*).  And I didn't change a single diaper all day - thankyouverymuch hubbs!! We had a great day relaxing and hanging out and then went to get paint for Baby Walker 2.0's room. After shopping for paint we went for ice cream and then home to play outside for a bit. Such a great day with my favorite people in the world. I seriously stop and wonder almost daily how I got so lucky?! I have an amazing supportive husband, a beautiful little boy and another baby on the way - someone pinch me!
To my step-mother, mother in law, step sister, sister-in-law and aunts and friends - a very happy mother's day to you all! To my mother whom I am so lucky to have - thank you for all you do and have done for me! I am so lucky to have such an amazing woman in my life and I am grateful for your love and friendship every single day. I only wish we lived closer so we could spend even more time together. Happy Mother's Day! XO

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