Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mortifying Mommy Moment of the Week...

...Picking your son up at daycare only to be told he bit another kid not once, not twice but 4 times!!! Yep he sure did. And although he didn't break the skin, he left marks that were bad enough to still be there the next day. The boy was actually Forrest's little friend and they play together at daycare all the time. I was a little surprised to hear he did this - if they told me he hit a kid I wouldn't be overly shocked (although still just as mortified and not happy) but biting is something he never does. I hope this is not a new tantrum phase. Either way we will be working on this and ensuring he gets properly disciplined for anymore biting he does.
Of course as I pulled in to pick him up yesterday after work the mother of his little victim was there which made it even more awkward. Thank God she's a super nice woman whom I've spoke to on several other occassions and was very understanding. Kids are kids afterall but no mom ever wants her kid to hurt another's mom's kid!

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