Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GD Test

This afternoon I had my gestational diabetes test. I can't even believe how fast this pregnancy is zooming by me. It's seriously scary. The test went well - I drank the orange juice stuff, waited the required hour and then had blood drawn. Honestly the worst part of the entire process was the fact that it was pouring rain and I had to park far away from the entrance to the hospital resulting in me being compeltely soaked going back to work.  I always hear women complaining about how awful this test is and I can never understand it. I really don't mind it one bit. The drink is not nearly as awful as people lead you to believe - would I want to drink it at home on a Friday night? No but really it's not as bad as everyone goes on.
In other news, John painted the baby's room last night. I am not 100% sure on the color I chose yet. I kinda sorta wished I picked a shade darker - just a pinch darker. But we'll see once I get all the furniture in and the bedding and stuff I'm sure it will be perfect. I sure hope so because I'm pretty sure I can't convince John to paint it again - haha!

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