Thursday, May 24, 2012

26 Weeks (well as of tomorrow)

How far along? 25 weeks and 6 days

Weight gain/loss: 127 lbs. I'm not answering this question, it gives me anxiety - haha! Although the doctor tells me I am just fine for where I am with this pregnancy

Feeling: Honestly- tired and even more tired! My back feels a bit better this week so that's a good thing (going to focus on staying positive)
Maternity clothes? for sure! I love being able to wear tanks and flip flops now that the weather is so nice. It's a pregnant woman's paradise
Sleep: sleeping very well most nights. I have the odd night of a crappy sleep but I had those before I was pregnant too. I do usually wake up once a night to make a trip to the bathroom

Food cravings: eggos, root beer and chocolate (definitely not healthy foods unfortunately)

Movement? Tonnes! It's awesome! I love every minute of it! John is also able to feel movement from the outside now =)
What I miss? hmmmm...not too much really. After a bad week  glass of red would be nice - haha

Best moment this week: well this was technically last week but John feeling movement was pretty awesome!

What I'm looking forward to: the end of the pregnancy and meeting this baby!!

Next Appointment: Just had one today and my weight, blood pressure and urine were all fine. baby's heart beat was 161 bpm.
Milestones: definitely feeling him/her kick from the outside and knowing we are 2/3's of the way through this pregnancy.

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