Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Heart Long Weekends - Especially when they are filled with sunshiney skies and cute boys ;)

I had one of the best weekends in a very long time. It was gorgeous all 3 days and my boys and I got to spend great quality time together. Saturday night John and I put Forrest to bed the BBQ'ed steaks and had some quiet time together. Sunday morning we woke up and played outside all morning until it was time for Forrest to nap. After we put him down for a snooze I headed out to do a little shopping and then went to my friend Kathleen's baby shower (Kathleen is having twin boys and is due 2 and a half weeks before me). After the shower I met John & Forrest at the park for more play time.
monday was yet another glorious day and there were plenty of Victoria Day celebrations going on at the waterfront complete with Prince Charles and Camilla in attendance. We decided to head there for the afternoon.
It was just such a relaxed fun filled weekend I hated for it to be over =( I did take tonnes of photos but unfortunately our home computer is on the fritz right now so upolading and/or editing any photos is not in my immediate future - until it is fixed this weekend hopefully!

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