Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just Another Beautiful Family Saturday =)

What a beauty of a weekend it is shaping up to be!! A gorgeous sunny Saturday morning which started off with Forrest sleeping in until....8:30. Yes you read that right. In fact John and I were mulling over who was going to get the extra sleep in day on this 3 day long weekend (I did put up the argument that by default I should get it since I am carrying his second child - I can always pull that card out;). When around 8am John woke me to ask if we should be worried that he was still asleep. When I looked at the time I said "hell yeah we should be worried, this is unheard of". And sure enough he was sleeping like a log. We Let him sleep until around 8:30. I got up and made breakfast for us all - fresh fruit and french toast and when he still wasn't awake John woke him up. After breakfast we played outside, tidied up and then headed over to the farmers market on the Kingston Pennisula (a summer time weekend favorite of ours). The sun was shining and the air was extremely warm so naturally the market was a zoo. I ran into about 5 people from work and Forrest had a great time taking in the sites. When we got home we played outside until nap time and even had a little pic-nic snack outside which Forrest LOVED. Forrest is just having a nap now and then we're going to head back outside for some more fresh air and fun! Below is a picture John took with his blackberry of our pic-nic.

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