Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Boy the Lady Charner

Ever since we picked Forrest up from Joan's on Thursday night he has been saying "Abby Abby Abby" all weekend long. At first we thought he was saying "happy happy happy" but upon listening closer I discovered it was actually "Abby Abby Abby". Since you are all not familiar with this "abby" he speaks of, I'll enlighten's a girl at his day care! My boy has a crush I think. HAHA Abby is the cutest little red head at his day care who is about 3 and always runs to the door whenever I drop Forrest off (actually all 3 girls run to the door saying "Forrest, Forrest is here" when I drop him off). But Abby is like the mother Hen and always tries to take him by the hand or teach him things. It's so cute! Forrest has also tried to grab her ponytail a time or two to which I hear about from Joan. He's since stopped this. Anyway-he's pretty taken with Abby. I think we're going to have our hands full with this boy - afterall, with big blues and adorable dimples like that, he's sure to be a ladies man ;)

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