Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Early Birthday To Me!

Last night when I got home from work I was surprised to see our yard decked out in Happy Birthday decorations and balloons. My Dad, Ivy and Lauren were all there along with John and Forrest and they had surprised me with an early birthday dinner of lobster, salads and ice cream cake! It was so sweet and very thoughtful. I definitely enjoyed my feed of lobster and let's face it - what pregnant lady doesn't want an ice cream cake?! Forrest enjoyed it too although he didn't eat the lobster (he did on New Year's Eve but didn't want it last night). He definitley enjoyed the ice cream cake and used his smile, big blues and dimples to sucker his grandparents and auntie into sharing theirs (okay and maybe his mom and dad too - we can't help it that boy is CUTE).
It was a super nice night and I was even lucky to keep my sister for another couple nights. She wanted to spend more time with Forrest so she is staying until Friday. It's nice to have the time with her!
In other news - I got asked to do another photo shoot this summer. It is for a family shoot and I am so excited! It was an honor to be asked. We are still working on dates but I am so so excited!!

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