Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy June!

WOW! The beginning of June already! Can you even believe it?! This month is a very busy month. First off and most importantly a very special birthday is this month ;) - MINE! haha I turn 30 big ones this month and although I do have the occassional panic attack at the thought of entering my thrirties I am also looking at it with excitement. I am a little disappointed I won't be toasting with champagne saying "Ciao twenties and HELLLOOOO thirties" and partying it up with my favorite ladies but thats fine...I'll look to 31 as a do-over year ;)
June is also the month I enter into the third and final trimester of this pregnancy! HOLY MOLY! In 3 short months (there abouts) we'll be welcoming our sweet baby into our family and become a family of 4. I am sooo excited for this.
June is a crazy busy month at work as we finish off the second quarter and first half of the year so I'll be very tied up with that.
Father's day is also just around the corner so Forrest and I have been thinking of ways to make the day extra special for the best daddy in the universe!
And another exciting event occuring in June is our first vacation just the three (almost 4) of us! Last year every vacation we took was to Nova Scotia and although we enjoyed that we kind of regretted not doing something just the three of us just once last summer - like PEI or USA, etc. We had half thought of doing a cheap Cuba deal if I wasn't yet pregnant but then of course we were lucky enough to get pregnant quickly and decided against those plans. So the end of this month we have decided to take a trip to Boston since it's only about a 7 hour drive for us. We will be going for Canada Day weekend and I am really looking forward to it. We've been planning things to do and see and cannot wait!
Summer is so close I can smell it and it's sure to be a fun one for us as we get ready to welcome a new addition into our family. We also have a couple trips home this summer for Kyle & Jaime's wedding festivites (to which Forrest is already practicing his dance moves) and we have some people coming up for visits as well which we always look forward to! We also have John's cousin Ryan's wedding but I unfortunately do not think we'll be able to make that one since it is just days away from my due date and the last time the doctor told me travelling at 37 weeks was not ideal so I can imagine travelling at 39 weeks and change is probably not something doc will go for.

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