Monday, June 4, 2012

I just need to take a minute to post on the insane amount of cuteness our child exhibits on a daily basis. He has taken to copying EVERYTHING we do - particularly his daddy. It's freaking adorable how much he idolizes this man. If we are out on the deck and John sits down in a patio chair, Forrest is determined to climb up on a chair so he can sit down. If John jumps, Forrest jumps. If he laughs, Forrest does too. It doesn't matter what it is - if John does it you can be sure Forrest is going to do it too. Forrest and John were outside playing while I was in the shower yesterday. I got out and peeked out the window at them and John plopped himself down in the grass for a seat and what do you know, Forrest stops everything he is doing to sit down on the grass just like daddy.
He loves to dance so we have family dance parties pretty much every day and he is learning new things every single day. He knows where his nose is and also tried to repeat everything (word to the wise people with foul mouths, when you are around my kid, keep the potty mouth in check).
He says "cheese please" now (or more like cheesh peesh - coming out with an 'sh' or a 'zzz' sound). And he will run around the house looking for his 'sisi" which is sookie and he is only supposed to have this at bedtime so God help us when he finds one - and he has done so on numrerous occasions. Try taking it away and complete and total meltdown ensues. He is great to give hugs and kisses (when he's in the mood) and will go get his sneakers and hat when he wants to go outside - makes no difference if he's in his jammies or not and the other day I even caught him trying to open the patio screen door to go outside - completely stark naked (after bath time).
   We took him to the zoo this weekend for the first time and everything was "whats that?". He loved it and was amazed by everything...somethings slightly scared him too to which Daddy carried him around for.
I had packed a picnic lunch for us for after the zoo. So we headed to Rockwood Park and then before we got there little Mr man was snoring away so we headedhome and had a picnic in the back yard after he woke up. We had so much fun all weekend - I'm tellin ya these family weekends are absolutely the best! Time with my 2 favorite boys - nothing better!

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