Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby No Name

This is such a sensitive topic in our house. As soon as I bring it up the hubbs groans and I roll my eyes at him - GARUNTEED! We have talked about this until we are blue in the face and in fact john has even pronounced that he is not budging on his girls name to which I promptly replied "that's fine, I'm not either" so time will tell on how this all plays out. We kind of have boys names but no middle name, we kind of have a middle name for a girl but no first name! I am sooo frustrated with the process. John says we'll figure it out on the drive to Boston since we'll have plenty of time to duke it out in the battle of the names but I'm not entirely convinced. The girls name I loved the first time around has become VERY common and I am not into common names at all. I do not want my kid going to school being called "so and so W". We want something unique without being ewwwwnique.
Wish us luck...

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