Thursday, June 7, 2012

When I Get Stressed...

I bake! Like a mad woman! In the past month I have baked the following:

-banana loaf
-banana blueberry muffins
-chocolate chip cookies (made these twice)
-spider cookies (also made these twice)
-peanut butter cookies
-chocolate fudge crackle cookies

Don't worry - I am not dooming myself to gestational diabetes - I do make these things to share. I've brought them to work, given some away and John has done a number to them too. I also am bringing some cookies to my Stitch and Bitch tonight. I'm not sure what it is but baking is a major stress relief for me. Don't ask what I'm stressed/upset over - it's just my inner annoyances coming out! Probably a combo of your typical everyday stuff. To the preechers out there, I know I know -"stress is not good for the baby". And when I get stressed/upset I ususally like to keep it all in (unload on John of course who is always great to listen).
Anyway-if you are in our neck of the woods then I would suggest stopping by, I can pretty much garuntee a tasty treat! haha

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