Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello 3rd Trimester...

28 weeks today and holy moly the time has flown by. I got a text from a friend this morning wishing me a "happy third trimester" and reality has officially hit home! I cannot even believe I am out of the first and second tri and entering the third. I am getting so excited to meet this new little baby. I get all teary and emotional even thinking about the first time we bring Forrest into the hospital room to meet his new little borther or sister. I know he won't understand it but to me it will just be a very special moment that I am sure I'll always remember.
I am feeling pretty good these days. Still have pretty bad back pain and heart burn but other than that good. No real new cravings lately and I am still sleeping great - sometimes I get up to use the bathroom but some nights I sleep right through. Either way I am sleeping quite comfortably.
This morning we woke up and Forrest had woke up so we brought him into our bed for a few minutes of snuggling beforehaving to start the day. We were just playing and snuggling and the baby was moving like crazy so i wanted to see if Forrest could feel it but he wasn't too interested nor did he notice (pretty much what I expected but still worth a shot)-haha! It was kinda cool though because it was such a cool feeling to think of us as a family of 4 hanging out! I think I hit the kackpot with such a lovely little family.
So let's see now, third trimester is here and we have the room painted, the furniture order and a few odds and ends bought. We just need to decide on ordering the double stroller and get things like curtains and sheets and stuff and we'll be good to go. Oh yeah and then of course there is that issue of a name - guess we'd better get one of those too eh ;)

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