Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Daily Dance Parties - a video clip for the grandparents


Sarah :) said...

He's got the moves! LOL!! Hubby didn't look too bad, either. ;)

nancy b said...

Cutest little guy ever!!Aside from mine of we are missing so much of him growing up. Thank you for sharing this Auntie enjoyed it so much too...oh and the "panini"story cracked me up too. Thanks for the laugh at John's expense...Miss you.XO Nancy B.

Mrs.W said...

Thanks ladies!!! I think he's pretty special too ;)
Nancy-we're hoping he won't get stage fright and be able to bust a move at Kyle & Jaime's wedding.
And yes - the 'panini' story is getting a lot of laughs. best part is - he still calls them paninis. LOL