Monday, June 11, 2012

Forrest's Day Care Buddy

This morning I dropped Forrest off at Joan's and it was the absolute cutest thing. He walked up the stairs and into her house as we always do and the girls came running to greet him as they always do. Sometimes their excitement makes him a little shy and he hangs back at my legs until I take his sweater/coat off and then we round the corner to the kitchen and take his shoes off. This morning that occured and as soon as we rounded the corner he caught a glimpse of his little buddy Blake waiting for him and he got so excited. He reached his arm up and let out a little joyful squeal. I took his shoes off, he gave me a kiss and then was off in full running mode to see his little friend. He was running to him laughing and jibber jabbering and it was unbelievably cute. Blake seemed just as happy to see him as well. I think he missed his buddy on the weekend. The cuteness was just too much!

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