Monday, June 11, 2012

Hubby Makes Me LOL

Sometimes my husband will say something and it will make me laugh until my stomach hurts. This usually happens when he mixes up words or calls something a name he thinks it is when it is actually something else. And often he can say something so innocent and well meaning but it just makes me laugh regardless. Tonight brought me two of these gut busting moments. I swear at one point I thought I was about to go into labour I laughed os hard and while as funny as I thought they were, I am sure they were one of those 'had to be there' moments...
1) John has always prided himself on the fact that he mows our lawn 'the best' of anyone on our street. he is the husband I never have to nag to do house work like mowing, shoveling, laundry, etc. He is so great to just notice something needs to be done and do it. The snow shoveling and the grass mowing are almost a bit...obsessive. The first sign of a snow flake and he is out there shovelling or snow blowing and the minute our grass is even of normal length he's out there mowing it. It's actually to the point where I have been askign him the past couple of years to let it grow just a bit because he mows it so often it turns brown in the hot summer heat. You may remember a while back I was talking about our strange neighbours. This past summer Mr. strange neighbour has been far outdoing John in the lawn mowing department. We've been noticing he'll mow his lawn twice a week. John has made a comment about this every single time he sees the fresh cut grass across the street. It's to the point where if I am home and John is not I'll call or text him "hey babe, the neighbour is at it again, mowing the lawn for the second time in 6 days this week" because I know he'll get a kick out of it. Tonight he is critiquing our yard and says to me "did he mow that lawn again over there? Look at his lawn, it's freshly mowed again isn't it?". To which I look and respond "why yes it is. He must have just mowed that today" (for the record John just did ours on Friday). In the most aggitated and serious voice I've heard my husband use in a while he says "He's competing with me. He's trying to compete with my lawn mowing". I seriously thought I was going to die laughing. I am telling you right now the thought of these 2 grown men trying to 'out do' the lawn mowing struck me as insanely funny. This should be an interesting summer. Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted on who is winning the battle of the blades (grass blades that is).
2) More yard work funnies as my adoring husband is commenting on some of our plants and then tells me that this weekend we'll have to tie/stake back the "paninis". Confused and unsure I say "what's that?" to which he again says "We're going to have to tie back the panini's, they are getting really heavy". At this point I realize he is talking about our peonies and I again burst into yet another fit of laughter.
He sure can make me laugh even without trying to! Love that man so so very much!!!

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