Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Forrest Facts

Each and every day this perfect little boy lights up our life and makes us laugh. He brings so much joy into our lives it really is amazing. He is growing so quickly and doing so many funny little things. He is talking a blue streak and saying new words all the time. It's so cute to listen to his little voice. He tries to say pretty much everything we tell him to even if they don't come out the best he tries. He also gives kisses and hugs lots and today on the phone when I called from work he was giving me kisses through the phone which of course melted my heart and almost made me a little weepy that I was stuck behind this desk working away instead of being home with my beautiful boy.
As you've seen, he loves to shake his money maker by dancing the night away. One of his new favorite things to do (well new as in the past month or two new) is to stand on the top of baseboard heater to see out the front window. He loves looking out the window, especially in the morning when there are kids outside waiting for the bus. Forrest loves to read books too. He'll open them, flip the pages and jibber jabber away and then he'll bring them over to John or I to read to him. He's got a couple favorite books which are the Barnyard Babies which makes noises when you push the buttons and Things That Go which is all pictures of cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc. A real little boy through and through. Being outside is definitely his absolute favorite activity though and he can just never get enough of the outdoors.
Every night before I go to bed I go into his room and peak in at him. He is always sound asleep and so cute it kills me. The past couple of weeks I've really had to give my head a shake at the amount he's grown. It's wild. There is really not much about him that says 'baby' anymore. He's a little boy. He will always be my baby though. We are just waiting for the day he decides it's time he try to climb out of his crib whcih we kow is probably not too far off since he's climbing on everything. EVERYTHING. I swear there has got to be a child code of conduct that says all children must climb onto every dangerous area possible to give their parents a heart attack. Forrest is succeeding. how I don't have grey hair yet is beyond me.
I called this week to book his year and a half appointment. WOW! He goes in July for that. We'll know then his weight and height, he'll also have his vaccines.

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