Friday, August 17, 2012

38 Weeks

38 Weeks Pregnant!!!
 Feeling pretty good and my back has been better (thank God). Baby 2.0 is very active in the evening and at night and feels really low so I go to the bathroom many many times. I'm not really craving anything new but I did have a wicked craving last week for nachos with home made salsa so of course I had to make that happen. I also crave chocolate a lot and lemon stuff - same ol same ol.
Our hospital bags are packed and the cameras are charged and packed (except my big camera which I am still using for shoots and may have one more before I finish up for a while for baby's arrival). I have 2 batteries though so one is constantly fully charged at all times. The video camera and the point and shoot are charged and packed in the bags.
One thing I am beyond frustrated with is the baby's room. The crib arrived and was set up pretty quickly. We special ordered the dresser and were told 8-9 weeks for delivery. It has been 11 weeks and still no dresser and BRU has not been able to tell us when it might arrive. Having the crib set up is great, but without the dresser we have no place to fold and store clothes, put the change pad/diapers/wipes/etc. It is also difficult to decide how we will set up the room and place the furniture until we have it all. Which also means nothing has been hung up on the walls until we decide on furniture placement and room layout. So in other words - NOTHING IS DONE. The crib is set up but there are no sheets on it because I want to wait until baby is here to buy sheets and the crib skirt. There are 2 sets I want and they are gender specific and since baby sleeps in our room in a bassinet for the first few months anyway, I decided to wait until baby is here to buy the bedding so I can buy based on gender. Hopefully next week the dresser will be here.
The car seat is in our van now. I also have to get a few other things some of which I plan to do really soon. The only big thing I decided to wait on is a double stroller. They are so expensive and after talking to other mom's who have two under two I decided to wait until we get to that point to make a decision on that. For the first few months Forrest will be going to the sitters during the day and then on the days I have both of them I am going to try to use my Ergo carrier for the baby and Forrest can use the stroller. We'll still be getting one I just can't make a decision on which double stroller to buy and since they are more expensive than my first car I figure I should wait to make the right decision.
I haven't had an internal check since about 35 and a half weeks when I was not dilated nor effaced at all but baby was low. I won't have an internal exam until the 27th when I will be a few days over 39 weeks. I kinda prefer this. I don't want them to sweep my membranes so to me there is no real reason to be checked. It really means nothing. Some women walk around a few cm's dilated for weeks before going into labor and other women get checked to find out there is no progress but then go into labor a day later. My fluid levels have been monitored and they are fine as of last week.
After doing the newborn shoot this week with the 'C' twins, I am so so so excited to meet this little one (when s/he is good and ready of course). I can't wait to have a little baby again who smells like a baby, will sleep on my chest and let me snuggle them for longer than 2 minutes. I am also looking forward to breastfeeding again. I breastfed Forrest for 13 months and was so sad when I weaned him. I just can't believe we are this close now and that the last 38 weeks went by so fast. I am so excited to meet this little one and wonder so many things: is baby a  boy or a girl? What will s/he look like? Will s/he be like Forrest or completely different? What will Forrest think? Will my delivery be similar to last time or completely different? I also tear up thinking about Forrest meeting his new sibling for the first time. Such an emotional moment for this momma! I can't wait to watch these two little ones grow up together and love each other and become the best of friends. I can't help but think of my own relationship with my sister and while we are very different women personality wise, we are the best of friends and I am so lucky to have a sister who is such a great friend, supporter and one hell of an awesome aunt. When I am happy, upset, stressed or pissed off I know I can call her and she'll be there (and vice versa). We weren't always super close. When we were younger there was 4 years difference and although I loved her lots we just would never have hung out or told secrets and we fought like typical siblings did. Once we got older and matured we grew closer and our relationship changed in that sense. I hope Forrest and this baby grow up to be very close - both while they are young and when they are adults.
Things I am not looking forward to: labour and delivery. I am scared now - real scared. HAHA. When I first got pregnant I almost looked forward to this part because I remembered only all the joy it brought me - and boy did that day as well as that much pain bring me an intense amount of joy and love. The most pain I have ever experienced in my life brought me the most joy and the most love I've ever experienced in my life. To say it was worth it would be the understatement of the century. That said, I am now terrified. I am remembering the pain as D-day gets closer. I am also nervous because I have not gone into labour on my own since I had to be induced last time. I am not sure what to expect, how quick it will go and of course I worry about Forrest while we are in the hospital although I know he'll be well taken care of. I just hope I don't have this baby until after the 27th.
Wednesday night I started to feel nauseous and got some cramping. It made me realize just how close we are getting. I had the worst sleep in a long time because I was so uncomfortable and it was extremely hot and humid. Before Wednesday night I was sleeping super duper good. Getting up to go to the bathroom a few times but sleeping very soundly in between bathroom breaks. The record breaking summer heat and humidity are literally killing me. I desperately wish we had an A/C unit.

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