Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's Up With Forrest?!

Forrest is about to turn 20 months in a couple weeks and he is also going to be a big brother. I know he really doesn't understand but we talk to him about it all the time. He understands baby because whenever he sees one he says 'baby'. He also will kiss my belly whenever we say "where's the baby?". This is one of my favourite things he does - it's just the sweetest. He is talking all the time now and to the rest of the world it may not be clear what he is saying but John and I pick up words all the time and understand quite a bit. I would list the words he says now but there are just too many. He still loves the outdoors and will scream and cry when we go to bring him in, he loves walks in his little red wagon (and will again scream and cry when we go to take him out) and he also LOVES brushing his teeth (something that his Nanny Walker will be so happy about). He is almost obsessed with brushing his teeth. When he hears the water in the bathroom turn on he'll dart in and point to the counter where the toothbrushes are and say "teeth". And if we are brushing our teeth (even if he's just brushed his) he will want to do it again. He just loves it and I for one am not complaining...I only hope this keeps up forever! Sometimes he'll want to brush them for a long time and other times he'll say 'all done" when he is finished.
He has no real favorite toy. I know a lot of kids that have so many toys but only pay with a couple favourites. Not Forrest, he will play with everything. He goes from his books, to his balls, to his trucks, etc. He gets lots of use out of all his toys which makes me feel better when buying new toys for him - I know they are not going to waste. Joan (our sitter) says the same thing about him at her house. He plays with everything and has no real particular favourite.
He's a very good eater (for the most part - he does have his days where he won't eat). Right now he loves oatmeal, fish, grapes, bananas, and anything that is very flavourful like curries and ethnic foods.
Sometimes when I take his picture he has started saying "cheese" which is absolutely adorable. He loves to give kisses and we play a game where if John and I pretend to be asleep, he'll give us a kiss to wake us up. And if he gets a boo boo he wants us to kiss it better. He loves to 'tickle tickle tickle" too. So we all get on the floor and Forrest and I tickle daddy (to hear him say tickle tickle tickle is so freaking cute). Then Forrest lays down and wants to be tickled. Oh my goodness the kid os so cute I could just eat him up.
Here are a few photos from July. I have some from our beach days too which I'll get around to posting soon.

But I wanna go for another ride in my wagon

Family photo op at Kyle & Jaime's wedding

Filling up the pool

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