Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Friday I was 35 weeks. That means that I have 35 weeks down and only 35 days to go until my estimated due date. Holy crap! Insane to say the least. We still have lots to which i am confidant we will get done but as of now my lovely hubby has painted the baby's room, the crib is bought and set up (Thanks Mom :) and that is pretty much it. I have purchased some decor for the room and we are just waiting on the dresser which hasn't yet arrived. We need to purchase a few more things, unpack all of the stuff we packed away when Forrest outgrew it and then set it all up. John and I also need to finalize and act on our new vehicle decision.

    I'm not overly worried because things will get done. I also am done work as of tomorrow at 5:30pm. This pregnancy has been very different and not as easy so I decided to take the last 4 weeks to rest, relax and enjoy the time with Forrest before his whole world changes.
As for how I am feeling, well I am feeling okay. The summer heat does bother me but I can manage that. The worst part is the intense back pain I've been experiencing the past couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago it was so bad I could barely sit down or stand up so I laid down applying ice to it and alternately with heat. I tried pre-natal massage and a belly support band. It has gotten a little better.
Heartburn is another lovely symptom which I got pretty bad with Forrest too. I am now on a pregnancy safe medication which helps a bit.
As for sleep - I do sleep pretty well. I get up once to go to the bathroom but fall right back to sleep. I have the occassional sleepless night but I had those before I was pregnant too.
Cravings - LEMON. Anything lemon. I love lemonade, lemon cake, lemon candies anything lemon. And those frozen lemonade's that Tim Horton's sell are deadly on hot days. I also have been craving cherries so when hubby brought me home a big bag of cherries I was in heaven!
I just got back from my pre-natal appointment and blood pressure, weight, urine, etc were fine. She also did an internal exam this time which made me realize just how close to the end we are at this point. I am not dilated yet and my cervix is still long but baby is definitely low. I am okay with all that info because I don't really want to have this baby early. On time or even a few days late would be preferred! It's funny (funny strange not funny haha) because when I was pregnant with Forrest and went into labour we walked the halls non stop because he wouldn't drop and was still very high. this time around baby has already dropped (which I had a feeling because I could feel it change). It just goes to show how much more 'relaxed' everything is the second time around haha! My muscles will never be the same again!
We keep trying to talk to Forrest about it. He points to my belly (and sometimes John's-haha) and says "baby baby baby". He'll even give my belly a kiss occassionally (he sees his father do it every day before he leaves for work and will want to do the same as his father).

Here is my picture at 34 weeks pregnant...

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Samantha said...

I craved lemon stuff with Truitt too!!!!

I cannot believe you're so close. I cannot wait to hear of it a boy or girl!!