Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Going's On

So July was a very busy month for us. We had our trip to Boston, Kyle & Jaime's wedding (and wedding festivities) which has us travelling home two weekends in a row, I had several photo shoots booked, we went to Parlee beach and I finished up work for the year (and hopefully longer). It's been insanely busy but lots of fun! Time is just flying by and before too long we will be a family of 4!!! 
The weekend of the wedding was very hot and we were lucky to have some pretty AWESOME babysitters. A HUGE thank you and shout out to my dad and Ivy for all their help that entire weekend - between watching Forrest, picking up and dropping him off, helping me get him ready for the wedding with a back so sore I could barely move just days earlier, and even going so far as to take John's tux back for us, etc - we really wouldn't have made it through the weekend without all their help and we REALLY appreciate it!
Forrest was definitely the world's cutest ring bearer if I do say so myself! He was a little shy walking down the aisle (and by a little shy I mean he wouldn't look up and would only walk down the aisle with his granddad looking down the entire time - but I think that just made it all the more cute). 
We had a great time at Parlee beach as well. It was our first trip to the beach this year and Forrest had a blast! He loved playing in the sand and water and made some new seagull friends (he loves 'burwds" = birds). It was a gorgeous sunny day and John and I loved it so much we decided to go back this weekend if the weather cooperates. 
Now I am finished work and officially on maternity leave! It feels strange. In some ways it feels like I was just on maternity leave but in other ways it feels like I never left that office. I am looking forward to spending the last month of summer with my boy and getting ready for the new baby's arrival. I think Forrest and I will have lots of fun :)

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