Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gender Prediction

I know the last pregnancy I had done a gender prediction post. I had discussed what both hubbs and I thought our first born would be. This time I feel I really cannot give my guess. I go back and forth and I have no idea why. John thinks girl (again - but he was wrong last time too) but I honestly go back and forth on what I think this baby is. There are times I am so certain it's a boy but then there are times I feel pretty confident it's a girl. Whatever it is I will be over joyed. People assume that because I already have a boy I must be hoping for a girl. This is not true whatsoever of course. In fact, I tried digging down deep to see what I am secretly hoping for and I really really really do not have a preference either way.  A girl would be great because it would be different and I think of the relationship I have with my mom and would love to have that with a daughter. But then a boy would be great because they are so much fun and just awesome. And where these two will be so close in age a boy would be great because then (hopefully) he and Forrest could grow up the best of friends. They could play hockey together, go to university together, stand in each other`s weddings, etc. So I really don`t have a gender preference. Either would be AWESOME - as long as this baby is born healthy than this momma will be more than happy. We also only have a boy name chosen so having a boy would make this decision easier too, lol.
I guess when  picture the way it is in 10 years time I kinda see all boys! I can see myself as a mom to all boys and it`s a pretty cool picture. Again - I stress the fact that I will be over joyed with either gender and I do NOT have a preference. But when it comes to placing my money on a solid bet - that`s one I won`t be taking because I have no idea or feeling what baby is this time.

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Sarah :) said...

I'm going with girl based on your symptoms in this pregnancy versus the last.