Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My How Things Have Changed...

Here it is Halloween 2012 and as I scurry around doing all things motherly I can't help but do a little reflecting. I am sitting here sipping hot coffee feeling completely exhausted. Now 10 years ago this scene would have probably been the same this time of year but for completely different reasons (reasons other than being busy with a 2 year old on the go, a nursing around the clock newborn baby and a thunder and lighting storm last night so wicked it would have seemed the earth was splitting in two). 10 years ago I would have spent my Halloween weekend in the wild and crazy sort of way. I would have been putting the finishing touches to my scantily clad Halloween attire with my girlfriends and we would be planning our Halloween evenings. I likely would have been sipping coffee and feeling exhausted but probably due to the antics from the night before - downtown clubbin or a Halloween party (perhaps both). The weekend would have been spent drinking and partying and Halloween night would never have been staying at home to pass out treats - hell no. It would have been all about dressing up as that 'sexy kitten' or that 'sexy witch' or some other silly costume and heading to the bar scene to fill up on Vodka-Crans. We would be getting home at 3 or 4am and crawling into bed feeling light headed and buzzy, feet sore from dancing, ears ringing from the music, bellies full of pizza from the corner and completely giddy from such a fun night.
My how times have changed. This past weekend as I carted my eldest around to 2 birthday parties on barely so much as a half hour nap (don't we parents hate the days they boycott naps), carved pumpkins, nursed a newborn all hours of the night and fought with my barely 2 year old to get his bum changed I reflected on how different life was. I wasn't getting ready to spend my night drinking at a Halloween party and I wasn't putting finishing touches on a costume for myself, I was a mother and boy is that awesome. My in laws were up so they had kindly offered to baby sit for us so we could go out but the truth was I was so exhausted the thought of getting up off the couch after finally getting both kids to sleep to make myself somewhat presentable and head to a movie with my equally as tired hubby, just did not appeal to me at that time. It was so much more enjoyable to stay home and fall asleep to a movie on the couch.
Last night was an evening I was looking forward to since June (no joke). The Imagination Movers were in Saint John and I had bought tickets for Forrest and I back in early June. I was pumped - definitely more than he was. I was making it a Forrest and Mommy date night and was looking forward to it more than I can explain. Some time together just he and I - something we don't get very often anymore. We made the mistake of saying "we're going to the Movers" just before we were about to leave and of course he didn't really understand and thought we meant to go watch them on the TV downstairs sine we have an episode PVR'd. Well he then insisted on going downstairs to watch the 'mooners' as he calls them. We watched them downstairs while we got him dressed into his date night clothes lol. The concert was awesome and as soon as they came on stage the look on his face was worth a million dollars. It was a look of shock and pure awe. It was AWESOME. I even got a little teary eyed at how excited and marvelled he was. I remember being teary eyed at concerts in the past as a teenage girl but for totally different reasons - think excited teenage girl rockstar crush. One of the Movers (Smitty) came up to give Forrest a high 5 but he just stared at him so Smitty rubbed his head instead which was cute. Another Mover (Rich) also played his guitar right to Forrest which was cool. It was way better than any concert I had ever been to in my life - including Bon Jovi which was my all time love back in Junior High. Seeing how happy my boy was made it for me - watching him clap his hands and bop his head was so so cute. He was a little shy and stuck to me like glue. While all the other kids danced in the aisle, Forrest was just as happy to sit on my lap and bop around there. After the concert we went for supper and it was just so nice to have a little mommy and Forrest date. After the concert and supper we came home and after John and I tag teamed for bath times and feedings and putting kids to bed I mustered up some energy to bake a dozen cupcakes and make icing dyed orange with candy corn on top for Forrest to bring to Joan's for a little Halloween party. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the cupcakes because they were pretty cute.
Now while my life has changed in the past 10 years I can honestly say that there is no chance in hell I'd go back to the way it was ever again. I enjoy every minute of being these beautiful and wonderful kids mommy. Shuffling between 2 birthday parties on the same day and time, carving pumpkins with a toddler who would rather push the top back in or try and roll them on the floor is much more fun than any night of clubbing or partying. I've traded vodka-crans for sippy cups, rock concerts for children's shows, slutty costumes for pyjamas and cozy slippers, Halloween parties and clubs for early bedtimes, the carefree life for parenthood and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know some people would say 'just choose one party and send a gift to the other, the parents would understand' and they'd also tell me it was silly to bake cupcakes the night before Halloween after getting home from being out all evening, perhaps carving pumpkins with a toddler is a bit much and some would think $70 is a lot to spend on a children's show - but this mom is happy - more than happy- doing all those things. That is the kind of mom I want to be. I want to make those memories and do all those things and I wouldn't have it any other way. Seeing the huge smile on my kid's face is worth more than words could express.
I kind of laugh when I think of how much the times have changed. I laugh because I remember not that long ago when we dreamed of being parents and were desperate for it to happen. I remember thinking we may never get to do all these things and now it seems to be flying by us so fast and I am trying to drink it all in and savor each and every minute of it - even the sleepless nights. I remember going to parties wishing I was staying home to hand out treats while my hubby took the kids of trick or treating. Now here it is in 2012 and we have not one but 2 truly wonderful kids and I am amazed at how awesome life is. This life is much better than I could have even dreamed it would be. I am so thankful to be staying home in my comfy clothes handing out treats with my newborn while my super sexy hubby takes my little monkey out trick or treating. And maybe, just maybe when the night comes to an end and the kiddies are in bed, the hubbs and I will spend our Halloween watching Prime Time TV and sipping a glass of red. Seriously - how can life ever get any better?! =)
So while life has changed in pretty much every way, I can guarantee one thing is the same...I'll still be going to bed completely giddy from such a fun night - a fun night with 2 cute kiddies and one amazing hubby.


Sarah :) said...

Perfection! I just adore your little family. :)

Aunt Lauren said...

Great post Ains! You are one lucky mommy that is for sure! I also am one very lucky Auntie! xo