Thursday, November 22, 2012

I know I'm slack - but hear me out....

I'm not going to use the "but I have 2 kids under 2 and life is busy" excuse....okay, yeah I am! It has been insane here in the Walker house basically since Lilah was born. We have been keeping busy with the kids, housework and have basically had visitors non-stop since September. Add in a few photoshoots and I'm beyond exhausted. trying to balance the energetic needs of a toddler with the delicate needs of a newborn is challenging at times too but we're slowly and surely developing a routine and we'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Last night we took the kids to the annual Quispamsis Tree Lighting at the Arts and Culture Park. We went last year as well but this year was beyond awesome since Forrest was totally enthralled by all the lights and the people. It's the wildest thing I've seen. It's not just the tree they light up but the entire park is like a Christmas village and completely let up (hello tax payer $$ lol). It's sooo awesome. They do the countdown to light it up on the first night and there are always so many people. Santa is there for the kids, they play music, hand out hot chocolate and gingerbread men and if the weather is appropriate there is the outdoor skating rink (but it was much too mild last night for it). When we pulled into our parking spot last night we spotted Forrest's little daycare friends Blake and Hannah and their parents so we spent part of the evening with them which was great too. We had so much fun and Lilah pretty much slept through it all.
  The previous weekend was the Saint John Christmas Parade of lights so we took the kids to that. We bundled up really warm and since my mom was here for the week visiting she got to come with us which she loved. We all went out for supper before hand and then watched the parade and Forrest just loved it. I had Lilah bundled up in my Ergo carrier which she and I both enjoyed - she slept the entire time haha. Forrest was a bit timid for some of it (like when the Saint John Millrats Mascot came over to high five him and he cried and buried his face in daddy lol) but he really loved the lights and the floats (especially the junior hockey float to which he scream "go go go - Shoot! Score!" Ohhh my little hockey fanatic - I think his daddy is going to take him to his first Saint John Sea Dogs game soon. And after the parade Forrest kept saying "Santa ho ho" - so beyond cute!
I have tonnes of pictures to post but Blogger is telling me I have reached my 1GB limit and I have to purchase more - does anyone in the blog world know anything about this? Please let me know what I need to do, do I really need to pay a monthly fee to get more storage for pictures??? As soon as I have fixed this I will have photos galore (including regular weekly photos, a monthly photo and update of sweet Lilah and tonnes from the parade and the tree lighting).

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It sounds like life has definitely been busy for you! I've also found the transition from one child to two to be quite a challenge!