Saturday, May 25, 2013

long overdue

Okay geesh where do I even begin...yet another long over due update. As you probably guessed we've been keeping busy. The last weekend of April we went to Halifax for a long weekend. We arrived Thursday evening at my dad's and my Aunt Heather was there. My Aunt lives in Ontario and had come home for a visit the weekend of Lilah's Baptism. It was awesome because she had never met my kids so I was really excited for her visit. Thursday evening my dad had all the extended family over for lobster. Lilah had never been to my dad's house (shocking but true - November we went to New Ross and then John had a work thing, in February he was away and missed our visit so we went to Bridgewater and my friend Erin's). This meant that Melanie's family had never met Lilah either. Darcy and Sarah had because they come to Saint John on occasion to visit Sarah's family. Anyway...we had a great visit and a delicious supper. Friday my sister arrived from Calgary for the weekend. I went and got my hair cut and then we all spent the day together. Saturday afternoon Lauren, mom and I went for lunch and pedicures then met up with John and the kids at my Aunt Nancy's for a birthday supper for mom and Lauren before heading back to my dad's for the night. Sunday was the Baptism and then a reception afterwards at Janet and Ricks. We stayed there after everyone had left for a longer visit and took 2 very sleepy and worn out kids back to my dad's for the night. Monday morning bright and early we headed back to Saint John. It was such a fun weekend filled with family and friends that I was a little down in the dumps getting back to No Funswick (aka New Brunswick). I long for the day we move back to Nova Scotia.
We had one weekend in May where we laid low and didn't do too much then the following weekend my Dad and Ivy were here for a night. They took Forrest out for chicken and fries (he is absolutely obsessed with going out for chicken and fries lol it's such a treat for him) and then to the park to play. When they got back they offered to babysit so John and I could go on a date night to our favorite Thai restaurant - Suwana. It was such a great and much needed date night. It's so good to get out as husband and wife once in a while. A reason to get dressed up and spend quiet time together even if we do talk about the kids the entire time HA!
Sunday was Mother's day so of course my awesome family treated me like a queen. John and the kids made me a super yummy breakfast in bed after I got to sleep in until 8 o'clock (HEAVEN). The gave me a kobo which I LOVE and took me out for all you can eat sushi. We went to Boaz which is an Asian restaurant overlooking the Reversing Falls. I think it's safe to say I stuffed myself and enjoyed every morsel. DELISH!
The next weekend my mom and Donald came up. I was pleasantly surprised they came up since they had just driven to Halifax for the Baptism a few weeks earlier but was beyond thrilled when she called to say they were coming WOHHOO! They got here late Friday night and Saturday morning we were all up bright and early to go to the market on the Kingston Pennisula. The weather wasn't the greatest so we didn't stay long. Saturday night John and I went to a wedding for one of the guys in his crew while Mom and Donald babysat. It was fun even if we didn't know too many people. Sunday I had my glamour photo shoot which was a blast. I collaborated with another photographer and we worked together. We had gowns borrowed from a bridal store, a model and professional hair and make up done. What a fun shoot to do.
Now here we are well into another weekend and we have no real plans for this weekend. The weather is pretty glum and I am beyond tired so rest and relaxation is just what I need.

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