Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Beauty of a Weekend

This past weekend was one of those perfect weekends you never want to end. Gorgeous weather, happy kids, fun times, and lots of memories being made. We played outside a lot, planted our veggies in our plot at the community garden (we can't really plant anything or have a veggie garden because of the insane amount of deer in our area), we went swimming in our little pool, went for ice cream, had a BBQ, ate outside, had family pictures done and went for a walk. It was such a perfect summer weekend. Unfortunately it did end, and it ended with 2 sick kids. Poor Forrest had a bad cold with a slight fever and of course Lilah followed suit and got it even worse than him. She is still sick and has a fever. Last night was a rough night as she was awake from 9pm until about 2ish and then almost every hour after that. It was not fun. I hate when my kids are sick, it breaks my heart.

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