Monday, June 3, 2013

Picture this...

Hubbs and I taking turns sitting on the bathroom floor cheering on our toddler who (thus far) has dug his heels in when it comes to potty training. I'd say John and I were there for a combined time of 45 minutes and not a thing. nodda. zip.zilch. NOTHING. In fact at one point John bribed him with the iPad so there he was all 2 and a half years old and sitting on the toilet with the ipad (modern day magazines perhaps?!). Another point I grabbed a cup of juice and gave it to him while he was sitting on the flush. Still nothing. Finally we threw in the towel. He wins. We were pretty sure he was holding it in because he was even walking around on tip toes clenching for dear life. Then after his shower he does it...on the floor. But then stops midway and says "I have to poop". So we rush him to the toilet to which he does his buisness and he flushes and waves goodbye to it (lovely) and then... cue his crazy parents cheering, clapping, singing, dancing, high fiving all in hopes that diapers are soon to be a thing of the past with him #notholdingourbreath

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