Monday, June 24, 2013

Long Over Due - AGAIN

June has been a super busy month and as summer always is, we've been non stop with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 3 weeks ago my Aunt Nancy and Bob came to visit us. They brought a super fun John Deer ride on tractor for Forrest and he is obsessed with it. He likes to put Lilah in the wagon. It rained the entire time they were here so we piled into the van on a Saturday and headed to St Andrew's for the day. We stopped at the Clam Digger for a super delicious (and gigantic) lunch and then went to the Aquarium for the day. Forrest had a blast, actually we all did. They have such a great set up for kids and because it was Ocean's Day there was a lot of activities on that day. Forrest and Lilah had their faces painted, they played in the touch tank and there was a reptile show which Forrest absolutely loved and was very brave to touch some of the reptiles (his favorite was the turtle).
The following weekend was father's day weekend and my Dad drove up on his new Harley Davidson motorcycle to spend the weekend with us. Forrest was so excited to see the motorcycle and we took lots of super cute photos with it. We spent the weekend enjoying the time with my dad and then on Father's day we made Dad and John a delicious breakfast and headed to the fair (although where I come from we call it the circus). We had lots of fun on the rides and we all took turns going on the bumble bees, the slide and John took Forrest through the fun house. Forrest wanted nothing to do with the horses/marry-go-round so we stayed on the other 2 rides that were kid friendly. After the "circus" we came home and I made the 2 dad's supper. Such a great day with 2 of the greatest dads I know!
This past weekend was pretty low key. We went to the market and hung out around the house going for walks and doing some work in our garden. All our veggies are growing and we're so excited. Forrest likes to help water it.
Next weekend my mom comes and then we're headed for Boston. We're so excited for this trip!

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Amy Robson said...

Sounds like you had a pretty fun June!! I want to see pics of your little guy and the Harley! have fun in Boston!!!