Sunday, January 19, 2014

In Your Best Eminem Impression: "Guess Whose Back? Back Again…."

Giving blogging another go. I have no idea how I fell off the blog-wagon for so long but man do I suck. I feel awful that I blogged and documented Forrest's first year so well and sucked major bad with Lilah's. God help me if we have a 3rd child! Well here I go again! Going to do my best to update as often as I can.
Let's see:
Forrest turned 3 years old this past Christmas Day. 3 big ones! He is just so sweet, shy, soft and funny and he lights up our life. His mild mannered personality is so sweet and we are so proud when we hear people say what a little gentleman he is. He LOVES anything construction related and is so beyond obsessed with hockey it's actually a little bit crazy lol. We enrolled him in the Pre-Can Skate Program this past fall and he absolutely loves it. We just started the second winter half of it and every Saturday morning we head to the rink - I'm a rink mom already and I love every single minute of it. The smile on his face and the proud look he gets when his eyes search the sidelines for us is worth its weight in gold. He loves to dance to Psy's Gentleman (even though I can't stand that song) and just before Christmas I took him to his first movie at the Theater - Frozen. He loved it and momma may have loved it even more lol! Best Disney movie ever (and that's coming from a die hard Cinderella fan). Forrest's favourite foods are chicken and fries, broccoli, pasta, and yogurt. He is still a huge fan of Dora and this past fall Dora and Boots and the gang came to Saint John to put on a show so the 4 of us went along with Heather, Jeff, Blake and Hannah (Forrest daycare friends and their parents).
Lilah is now almost 17 months and she is as wild and outgoing as can be. She is probably the furthest thing from shy. She absolutely LOVES to dance and no matter what she is doing, the minute she hears music she stops everything to bust a move. Her very favourite thing in the entire world is her Bun-Bun. And for those of you who may not know what Bun-Bun is it is her jellycat bunny from Indigo. She carries him everywhere and if he is in her crib she will go to the crib, stick her little arms through the rungs and reach with every finer of her being to reach it. If she cannot reach, she stands there and cries until someone comes and gets him for her. I actually think it's the cutest thing ever. For her 1 year birthday we did a Pink Lemonade theme. I will admit that I may have went a bit overboard but it was fun and the theme was sooo much fun! She loves iogo drinkable yogurts and if you even say "yogurt drink" she runs so excitedly to the fridge. As for food though she pretty much loves it all! She is such a great little eater. She was breastfed for the first year of her life and it was a sad day when I began the weaning process.
Forrest and Lilah are just so sweet together. They play well (for the most part although there are definitely plenty of fights too) and love each other so much. The kisses and hugs that go down in our house are more than I could ever count.
In other news - I took a new job. I am now a Financial Services Officer for Bayview Credit Union (loans/mortgages/investments). So far I really like it. I started 2 weeks ago. It is so different from Xerox - I went from a Fortune 500 company in a building with like 300 people to a smaller local bank with 12 staff. I do like it though and I love the work - I've done it before when I lived in Nova Scotia so it's not totally new to me.
We've all been keeping busy and living and loving life! John and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on September 27th and hired our very first babysitter that wasn't family or our actual daycare sitter. We went for a beautiful dinner at Shadow Lawn inn.
Ohhhh I also shot my first wedding which was Ah-Maz-Ing! Like so much fund and went so well. I really enjoyed it and the bride and groom were extremely happy with the work I did so I was pretty dang proud of that. I booked another wedding for this May so stay tuned for that.
Okay well I've rambled enough for now. I still have plenty more to say so keep coming back - I promise I will try my hardest to update on a more regular basis. I'd also like to try something a little different - while I will still update about life in our house, our family, and day to day stuff I'd like to do product reviews (like make up, skin care, hair care, etc) and talk about things like that. It is no secret that I am a Makeup addict so why not incorporate things I love to talk about and buy a lot of!! I may also share a recipe here and there since I love cooking and baking too :)
Thanks for stopping by and don't be a stranger xo

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