Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Romantic Valentine's Getaway

Saturday, Valentine's Day, John and I headed to the Valley for the day and night. We got up early and headed out for a full day. We went for a long drive all through Wolfville, New Minas and Kentville. We stopped at Prestige Homes to saunter through some of the model homes, we also went to the Foxhill Cheese House, walked through wolfville in the snow, had lunch at Joe's and then headed to the Hotel to check in. We stayed at The Old Orchard Inn Saturday night. It was really nice. We had a realxing evening and had reservations at the restaurant that night. We waited for a long time for our food but we just relaxed and had some wine. Although I will say that I was not overley impressed with the fact I probably would not go back. After a more than 2 hour wait, the food just was not up to my expectations. Other than that, it was a wonderful night. What a great first Valentine's Day as husband and wife! =) Here are some pics...

All dressed up for dinner!

A bottle of bubble bath broke as I was pouring it into the tub and almost the entire bottle went in...this is the begining of a very humorous event! lol

After we checked in...

HAHAHA...I had a mishap with the bottle of bubble bath (I broke the bottle and the whole thing went in the tub, there were bubble EVERYWHERE, all over the floor, walls, etc.)

Going to dinner

We had reserved a very nice table right by the kept us warm and toasty all evening, while we waited and waited and waited

Posing after dinner! hehe

John gives this bed his approval

Goofing around

Complimentary champagne? Why don't mind if we do!! ;) haha...delish!

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And I also have pics to post from Sunday when Rick, Robert and John all worked hard on our basement while Janet and I sipped tea and watched a movie