Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy Bee's Us Walker's Are

WOW! Time flies when your keeping busy! haha!!! Last week seemed to literally zoom by!! We had something on the go everynight so we were busy busy busy! It was a great week though! We even booked a trip to Cuba last week!! We are really looking forward to another getaway as it will be our last trip for a few years ;) We had such a great time in Jamaica on our honeymoon so we are really excited to be able to go South: let's call it "honeymoon: the sequel" bahahaha, Just Kiddin! We have been looking for great inexpensive deals for a while now so when this one came up we just had to jump on it!!
This weekend was pretty low key. We ran some errands, did some necessary shopping and went out for Sushi!! It was delicious...I can never get enough sushi!! We decided on our way home to check out a couple Asian markets (one on Queen Street and one on Chebucto Road). I am soooo glad we checked out the one on Chebucto because it was mostly Korean food and goods. It was awesome!! John and I were so excited, we stayed for half and hour just chatting to the sweet Korean lady who owned and operated the shop with her husband for the past 10 years. She gave us samples, let us try a few things and helped us with some questions. We even found out that she makes some authentic Korean meals, freezes them and then sells them. She didn't have any left at that time but said she'll be making more for Tuesday so we bought some of her home made kimchi and some green tea and then headed home deciding to go back Tuesday after work for her bulgogi!!
Saturday night we watched a movie and relaxed and then Sunday Kyle came over for a short bit(before the weather got bad) and helped John some more with the basement!
Today was the deadline for RRSP's, and since most schools were cancelled, teachers took full advantage of their day off! WOW, were we busy! Dale and I were the only loans officers there and besides usual volume of work and our Monday morning lending meeting we didn't stop! It was great though!! I love being busy at work!
Anyways, I just wanted to post something since I noticed today that once March rolled around my blog went blank! was crying for an update! I just haven't had a chance to update! Sorry no pics to post! Hopefully soon I'll have something with pictures! =)

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