Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend down, another weekend closer to summer! YAY! We had pretty good weather this weekend although I will say I am happy to see the rain as our newly seeded lawn could really use it. We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night John worked so I ran over to Mic Mac mall. I had been trying to pick up a few new spring/summer tops for work and couldn't find anything I liked for the past few weeks. I thought since I hadn't tried Mic Mac I would hit it up Friday while the hubbs was at work. I got a few nice tops and a super cute dress all for under $75 (Yahooo). John has been impressed lately with my incredible bargain hunting ability;) Oh and my new favorite place to shop for clothes is...wait for it...Joe Fresh. I love the clothes they have there and they are so cheap. I also recently found out that they are affiliated with Club Monacco.
Saturday we had quite the busy day with John going to play paintball. I had been invited too but I didn't think it was my thing so I didn't go. I did meet them after their games at Greg and Melissa's though. Janet & Rick threw an engagement party for Andrew and Stephanie so after Greg's house we went out to New Ross for that. It was really nice to see everyone as it had been really long since we've seen everyone all together! It was too cold to swim in my opinion but I think some people did manage to get in for a bit. After that we were going to go back to Greg and Melissa's for Greg's birthday party but since someone had had a few beers and fell alseep in the car we didn't go;) He was so sleepy that he didn't even make it through the hockey game that was on when we got home. As DD it was a quiet drive home since John passed out early into the drive and we took the corolla which has a broken radio. Luckily it was still daylight out so I took in the sights.
Today we woke up and had a cuddly, lazy day. Then we went to see Terminator at the theater. It was really good. Super action packed.
I am so excited for our grass to start growing. It will be fantastic to have a lawn. My mom and DOnald had given us a gift certificate for Canadian Tire to go and get ourselves an outdoor fire pit so once the grass grows we'll be looking forward to doing that and having a BBQ/Bonfire party!! It is so exciting that summer is not too far off!!

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