Monday, October 5, 2009

WOW! This story is freaking iNsAnE!!!

Check out this article
John and I were watching the NBC news channel tonight and saw the clip of it announcing that it would be on tonight's show. We both immediately recognized the place only John was the first to say something as my mouth dropped open and the words were stuck and would not come out. I was shocked! This terrible bungee jump gone wrong was the same place John and I did our bungee jump!!! I cannot believe that just 3 years ago John and I had been to this exact spot in Phuket Thailand making the terrifying, extreme jump together. I feel so bad for this guy and his family. How terrifying!! I cannot even imagine! I know one thing: I am so glad our families (and us too for that matter) did not see this before we bungee jumped at this place. Check out the video, it is insane! I felt sick while watching it and remembering when we were sitting in that crane on the way up and thinking bcak to the man encouraging us just to jump because 'the longer you wait the scarier it is". INSANE!

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