Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Doom & Gloom-Sorry Peeps

This past weekend was a complete blur. Actually the past month has been a blurr. I am really not a fan of 2010 yet and can only hope it will get better!
My grandmother took a turn for the worse on Friday so John and I rushed home Friday evening. My sister flew home from Calgary. I got to Sydney around 1am and we went straight to the hospital. We didn't go home until 5am. We went back to the hospital at 1:30 Saturday and stayed until 9:30. I felt she was a little brighter and things were going a little better for her on Saturday. She had quite a few visitors so she was tired but I just sat next to her while she slept and when she would wake up I'd talk to her. Sunday was the same, she was a little brighter and seemed to be doing a little better. I hated, absolutely hated, leaving her on Sunday and having to go back to Saint John (damn this being an adult and having to go to work).
She seems to be doing okay now but we are all just taking each day as it comes. There are still some issues with her heart so please faithful blog readers, keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is a very special woman and one of my favorite people!

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