Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Nannie is doing better! She is on the mend and I hope and pray she stays that way!!!

This week has gone by very quickly-I can't believe its Thursday already. We are going home to Halifax this weekend and then the following weekend we leave for Cuba! YAY! A week of relaxing on the beach and soaking in the sun in Varadero!!

And...John is feeling icky now! He has a touch of that lovely flu-but this might be good-only good because if he gets it out of his system now he'll be fine for the trip! We both should be flu free by that time! He'll likely be fine by this weekend! John doesn't get sick very often and he can usually recover quickly-which is nice because we all know how 'fun' men can be when they are sick (and by fun I mean cranky, lol). I've been a good wife and taken good care of him though!

In work news-well not much is new there! Still trying to get a better grasp on my job but I did see my very first ever commission cheque this week which was nice.
A lot of people at work are all gone away on whats called "President's Club". All the top sales performers of the year (so this time it would have been for 2009) get treated by the company to a big trip. This year it's Jamaica so they are all there right now! I'm jealous because I absolutely loved Jamaica! Next year is a cruise to the islands of The Bahama's so I am hoping to be on that boat!!! Its a free trip for you and your spouse so I know John is also really rooting for us to go! In all honesty it will be really tough to get to go on that trip in the first year or 2 in the business so I'll even settle as making it a 2-3 year goal! BUT-I'm setting the bar high and aiming to be on that boat next year!

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